Song bag

This cute bag comes with 6 song cues. The child puts his/her hand into the bag to find a finger puppet and then sings a song or a Nursery rhyme about that particular finger puppet. This bag is available in Swedish, English, Italian and Finnish and for each language are the most loved songs for young ones.

The is also a key with lyrics for each puppet or feel free to come up with your own song!

Suitable from 18 months.
Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. 
Handwash in 40°C.

Ref. 208 Swedish original sångpåse (squirrel, star, lamb, bus, spider, and a cat)
Ref. 2087 Swedish Grey (same finger puppets as in original blue bag)
Ref. 2081 English songs (boat/canoe, star, sheep, bunny, bus, spider)
Ref. 2090 Finnish songs (frog, star, train, spider, elephant and bunny)
Ref. 2091 Finnish Song Book Red (cinnamon bun, snail, duck, ladybird, horse and farmer)
Ref. 2092 Italian songs Green (bunny, crocodile, shooting star, colors, unicorn and spider)

Designed in Sweden. Handmade in the Philippines.

Lyrics to English Song Bag
Lyrics to Swedish Song Bag
Lyrics to Italian Song Bag

Lyrics to Finnish Song Bag