activity books

Our activity books help to develop your child's fine motor skills, enhance hand-eye coordination, and hand dexterity - while also encouraging creativity at the same time. 

108 Zoo book_3.jpg

FArm animals book

Can you find the little baby animals hidden behind the flaps?


WILD animal book

Come and explore the habitat of these wild animals through this educational and colorful soft book.



Count to ten and sort the objects

Baby book 

Flip the pages and look for the objects, 1-10

alphabet zoo

Look for an animal hiding behind each flap


dinosaur book

Learn the names and characteristics of these dinosaurs, embroidered on each page. 

Colour book

Make learning colours easy and fun with this padded book.

Forest friends book

Come and explore the forest with some familiar animals around every corner and fold.

My first pets

In this touch and feel book the young reader becomes familiar with these lovable pets and where they live.


My first album

Your childs most precious moments can now be kept forever. 


goodnight books

The Good Night books will help create a comforting moment to your child's bedtime routine. The books are available in several different colours and languages.