World Map

This educational World Map is embroidered with 50 sewn details. Download the key so one can learn the names and locations of the worlds largest lakes, longest rivers and highest mountains. You will even learn about the Seven Summits of the World.

Size 85x118 cm.

In addition to the 50 embroidered details on the Map, there are 6 sets of ornaments that go with the Map. Learn about flags, capitals, continents, oceans, people, landmarks and animals and figure out in which Continent they belong.

Ref. 8070 World Map
Ref. 8071 Animals
Ref. 8072 Landmarks
Ref. 8073 Flags
Ref. 8074 People of the World
Ref. 8075 Capitals and Continents (English)
Ref. 8076 Huvudstäder och världsdelar (Swedish)
Ref. 8080 The Five Oceans of the World (English)
Ref. 8079 De 5 Världshaven (svenska)

Made of 100% polyester. 40°C hand wash. The wooden stick is not included.

Designed in Sweden. Handmade in the Philippines.

Download (PDF):
Key with the answers (english)
Facit till de olika detaljerna (swedish)