This calendar is designed to enable children to learn about passing of time - the progression of days, weeks and months and the sequence of the four seasons. Your child can fix their own place in time by using the hook&loop bar to select the tags for each day. The season and the weather can be chosen using the circles and an arrow. The yellow photo pocket is to highlight something that happens in this day or week- perhaps Birthdays, Halloween etc.

Please contact us when you need to update your Calendar with years. At the moment we have years 2019-2021 in stock.

Ref 8034

Add the tags for your preferred language:

Ref 8035 Swedish

Ref 8036 Dutch

Ref 8037 Italian

Ref 8038 English

Ref 8039 German

Ref 8041 Finnish

Ref 8046 Spanish

Size 40x65 cm.

Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. 40°C hand wash.

Designed in Sweden. Made in the Philippines.